Advanced programming features

File verification

To prevent any corruption to ScotWeave files all data is verified before being written. This involves checking the numerical values of all data against a valid range of values for the particular data being written. Once validated the values are written to a temporary file which is further checked before being closed. Only once this temporary file has been fully validated is the data copied to the user filename.

Our software has incorporated this method from the beginning and successfully eliminates bad data from all ScotWeave files.

All yarn files are automatically copied to backup files before they are updated in any way. This gives a backup copy of all user colour data which can be restored in the event of a yarn file being accidentally deleted or corrupted by a Windows failure.

File structures and locating files

All ScotWeave files are stored in a directory structure under the \ScotWeave folder. Subfolders are given meaningful names to help locate the different types of files used by ScotWeave.

The ScotWeave programs can individually be configured to locate ScotWeave files in the most likely subfolder to minimise the risk of losing files.

Individual ScotWeave files are complete in themselves and require no references to other files. This makes it easy to transfer ScotWeave files from one system to another. Each file is named using the name typed in by the user along with an automatically added suffix which identifies the type of file.