Presentation Program

The ScotWeave Presentation program allows you to create layouts or 'storyboards' on the computer screen from ScotWeave designs and image files and to print these out on your colour printer. With Presentation installed it is no longer necessary to cut out and mount your ScotWeave printout samples or to use Photoshop to laboriously cut and paste images together to create presentations.

  • Works with all ScotWeave design types
  • Works with all standard image file formats
  • Simple drag and drop interface for image objects
  • Add text quickly and easily using standard Windows® fonts
  • Add background images to fill behind the presentation
  • Overlap image objects to create a 'cascaded' effect
  • Fabric edges can be 'pinked' or 'fringed' as required
  • Drop shadows can be added to fabric objects to give 3D effect
  • Automatic layout tools for instant generation of presentations
  • Output to any standard Windows printer