• Base image with different fabrics draped into the shirt

ScotWeave Drape is a three-dimensional visualisation tool that allows you to see ScotWeave fabrics (and other images) realistically draped on garments and other real-life objects. The fabrics will follow the contours of the 3D objects and take on the shading of the objects. ScotWeave Drape is ideal for showing customers how a fabric will appear in real-life - draped onto a jacket worn by a model or draped onto curtains or a sofa in realistic room settings. Key features include:

  • Create your own room sets/drape models from scanned images
  • Easy visual creation of draping grids superimposed on image
  • Grids can be easily edited at any point
  • Create different draping 'regions' for different parts of the image
  • Drape different fabric images onto the one image
  • Create drape 'groups' for faster draping
  • Visual fabric alignment (drag fabric) in real time
  • Adjust lighting on each drape regions to fine tune the final image
  • Adjust fabric scale on each drape region
  • Drape with any standard image file format
  • Drape with ScotWeave Dobby and Jacquard designs
  • Drape solid colour regions and adjust colours as required
  • Final drape project can be compressed for e-mail
  • Output finished drape image in standard image file format