Technical Weaver

  • 3D schematics of technical structures

ScotWeave Technical Weaver is an exciting product for the creation of complex technical fabrics. The software has been designed to meet the needs of the paper forming fabric, automotive, aerospace and medical industries.

The software supports the creation of everything from simple single cloth structures to complex layered architectures, containing stacking orders, stuffers and variable densities. Any weave, on up to 64 shafts for dobby, or 32,000 plus hooks for jacquard can be created, viewed and production data sent directly to the loom.

  • 3D Weave schematic for dynamic viewing of woven preform
  • Weave cross-section input of angle interlock and orthogonal structures
  • Pockets of space/gaps for reinforcement products easily achieved
  • Weave Notation can be extracted from cross-section schematic
  • Yarn cross-section shape held and displayed in 3D weave
  • Yarn properties held and used for calculations
  • Production data can be sent directly to electronic loom controllers
  • Multi stack options as one cloth or multiple cloths available
  • Staubli bitmap multiple warp shed position utilised
  • Direct output to Looms through our Jacquard Looms product
  • Direct link to MAGEBA multi shuttle loom