Jacquard Looms

  • Jacquard lifting plans

The ScotWeave Jacquard Looms program is a CAM tool which can take designs created by ScotWeave Jacquard Designer directly into production. Key features include:

  • Easy visual creation of jacquard harness data to match loom setup
  • Set of tools for automatically creating castout harness patterns
  • Supports popular jacquard formats (Bonas, Staubli)
  • Support for jacquard heads with up to 32,000 individual lifters
  • Automatic centering of design in harness
  • Automatic warp lift analysis for weaving face down
  • Support for variable weft density and weave speed
  • Dobby and Jacquard designs can be sent to jacquard looms
  • Printout option for mechanical jacquard looms


  • Read back and check or edit the data on a loom disk
  • Automatically convert one type of loom disk format to another
  • Read back weave data into Jacquard Designer