Dobby Designer

ScotWeave Dobby Designer is the most comprehensive CAD tool for woven design currently available. Based around an intuitive visual design approach the software is simple to use, quick to learn, and produces accurate stunning results. Key features include:

  • Uses Yarn Designer for solid, twist, mixture and fancy yarns including Pantone® colours
  • Fast easy creation of warp and weft (fill) patterns
  • Easy input of weave, draft and peg plan data
  • Library of over 21,000 weaves supplied free with the system
  • Import weave data from standard image files (TIFF, BMP etc.)
  • Automatic float checking and breaking feature
  • Skip dents, cramming, extras (ditsies), double cloths.
  • Changes to design are viewed immediately on screen in real-time
  • Colourway feature for fast creation of sample blankets
  • Kaleidoscope & Pattern Generator for automatic pattern creation
  • Automatic "centering" of warp and/or weft pattern within loom width
  • Weave 3D to view the fabric structure as a true 3D image
  • Drape 3D to drape the fabric onto a true 3D model
  • Auto-drape to view the fabric in one of several drape scenes
  • Fabric finishing simulations to mimic cloth look
  • Export design or weave as standard image file (TIFF, BMP etc.)
  • Production ticket (loomcard) output with full production details
  • Loomcard can be output as HTML, and viewed on Web Browser
  • Production data can be output direct to looms
  • Option to link to other production software