Specialist programming

3D schematic of structure

We can tailor ScotWeave software to your specific requirements.

Minor additions and amendments can usually be built-in to our normal development schedule and be provided free of charge to new users or users with a software maintenance contract. If you require a major adjustment, additional software development, or a modification to be made very quickly we can offer specialist programming contract work.


One example might be the provision of a data link between ScotWeave and some specific production control software. ScotWeave already provides a basic means of downloading data for this purpose but if a user required extra data to be downloaded in a specific data format this might be considered specialist programming work.

Another example might be the provision of a device driver to interface ScotWeave with a specific piece of textile production machinery.

All specialist programming work is carried out by the same team of software engineers that work on ScotWeave software every day - and to the same high standards of work. This ensures that any extra work carried out will integrate seamlessly with the mainstream ScotWeave software.

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Please contact us for quotes and timescales regarding any specialist programming you require.